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Feature Wunschzettel of Karopapier is translated as following:

Wish list

For an explanation of this, scroll down ...


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Sooo many people, sooo many new ideas, sooo many suggestions, sooo many opinions, sooo many inquiries ...

Every now and then, new suggestions are made. Some of them inspire me, but I don't know what you might think about it. Sometimes I wonder, if it's necessary and sometimes I wonder, if it's more urgent than something other ...

That's why I want to know your opinion. I want to give you the option to rate suggested features on the list AND to suggest new features by yourself.

Let's see, how many suggestions will arise, whether the whole thing becomes self-regulating or whether it'll become too much and I have to edit the entries manually - we'll see.


You judge according to Important/Urgent, Nice idea, Unnecessary/Not critical and Nonsense

This will result in a rating and from there, a sequence. When a requested feature gets an indefinite ratio, I'll think about it once more whether it should become part of Karopapier. When it's consistantly rated as nonsense, it'll be simply removed.

Please do not insert rubbish and check whether a similar feature is already existing.

Now, use wisely what is offered here.

By the way, I reserve to myself the right to clear suggestions wenn they are ludicrous, dumb, double or already existing or when I don't like them at all oe when they're already finished ;-)


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