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Here are the basic Karopapier rules

  • The colored dots that are moved on the checkered paper illustrate small racing cars moving over a racetrack.
  • The route has a start and an end. The one who crosses the finish line first has won. Second is, who arrives second. Third is the third and fourth is the one, who arrives fourth. When one arrives fifth, he's supposably already the last, unless there's a sixth player, who arrives thereafter. To squeaze seven players into a map will be difficult and tight, but if there once where seven players on one map, the seventh would be ranked as seventh. With more than seven players, somebody would have to check and ask someone that knows the stuff. But not me, please, that's too deep for me ...
  • The moves are made one by one, in which applies:
    • Each lap, everybody has one move.
    • The sequence is determined randomly. During the lectures, it's proven that you get enormous benefits when it's getting close and it's your turn first. It is comparable to changing the seating arrangements for every lap, which would have resulted in inquiring faces in the maths lessons and drove Mr. Kick crazy (unless that wasn't already done).
    • Because of this, it may happen, that somebody can move twice SUCCESSIVE, e.g.
      • Lap 3: 1-3-2,
      • Lap 4: 2-3-1,
      • Lap 5: 1-2-3
    • Don't be amazed, sometimes coincidence may be unkind.
    • Anyhow, when you stumble upon a real error, please notify Didi, he'll check it.

For the move, the following applies

  • Every racing car has a "speed vector", which is composed of a horizontal and a vertical component.
  • Per lap, this vector can be altered on the x and y axis by a maximum of 1 (positive or negative), or it can be kept. Eh? Per lap, you can accelerate by 1, decelerate by 1, or steer by 1 ... or just drive strait forward.
  • When you can't move to a field, because there's a co-player or gras in your way, you'll get reset and start again with a vector of zero. The distance to be sent back is determined by the Move-Back-Counter (Zug-Zurücksetz-Zähler, ZZZ), which is defined when a game is created. Default value is 2 moves.
  • You still couldn't understand? The program will show you where you can move.

Ready? Let's go ...

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