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Frequently asked questions (Questions to Quasimodo)

... and other things ... (taken from a forum post by yaba - at this place a big THANK YOU, yaba!!!)

Hi You

I think, now, that so many new members arrived, it would be fair from the old-timers to give the newbies some hints how things work here.

I'll just start with with some small tips which you can/shall complete.

  1. Always count up to the next curve. It does not (yet) matter what comes next.
  2. Make your move as quick as possible. Players who block too often soon won't be invited anymore.
  3. When you're not keen on a game, you can get out after your move. Please do not just block. If you don't want to be invited, you can prevent that by editing your preferences.
  4. Play several games (minimum 5) to have more life in here. There is always at least one game blocked by someone.
  5. Don't rely on the email notification. It already happened more than once that emails got lost. Hence, you should check regularly whether it's your turn somewhere.
  6. You should remember to decelerate in the middle of the way to the next curve at the lastest (see paragraph 1). It takes the same time to decelerate as it takes to accelerate.

Hope I could help someone with this.

Have fun!