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Hello and WELCOME at KaroWiki!

Click through, experience unknown and staggering facts about Karopapier and share your experiences with other people. You may as well just disport until your next move ...

What's this?

This category is for translations of Karopapier.de to the English language to help all the people that do not understand German, but want to play Karopapier. It is still not complete, and surely not always correctly translated, so please help!

If you need a translation of something, please use the translation request page.

The whole purpose

In this KaroWiki, we collect all kinds of things worth knowing about the car races on Karopapier. The inexperienced tyro, the old-established Karo addict and the creator, they are all free to write and proclaim their knowledge herein - that's explicitly desired.

How do I write an article

Please check: First steps. It's not a real manual for Wikis, but a reference to that.

Don't forget: If you know something, write it down in here.

What should I pay attention to?

That's simple: The rules of the common sense apply. Since these should be independent of religion, political orientation or education, everybody is free to write what is meaningful and not offensive.

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